What Movies Should You See?

With the latest blockbusters, action films, dramas and comedies continually occupying the screen of your local movie theatre and the shelves of your DVD store these days, it’s hard to know which ones are worth seeing and which aren’t. Everyone knows the feeling of spending their precious dollars on seeing a movie only to come to the end of it feeling utterly disappointed and ripped off. We try to minimise that feeling and maximise your entertainment.

With the brand new tool below, you can see the four most popular movies at the moment and base your decision on that. There is also all the latest entertainment news so you can keep on top of what’s going on in the film industry on a daily basis and even you can check the top 100 online casinos on internet, currently onlinecasinoreviewscanada.com is sitting N1!. While on the subject of entertainment news, if you loved the famous Lord of the Rings triology make sure you check out the brand new Lord of the Rings slot machine at a your casino online of choice. Enjoy!

Top Movies About Casinos

Casinos and gambling are some of the stories that filmmakers like using in their storylines. The action-packed poker table, dices, and wheels will keep everyone glued to their screen. Both the gamblers and even those who have no interest in gambling will be excited by such scenes. Some movies have even incorporated online casinos.

Do you want to bring high-octane gambling scene into your living room? Consider watching the following top movies about casinos.

  • Casino-1995
  • As the name suggests, the theme of this movie revolves around casinos. The movie is about two friends who are having a serious feud over a vast gambling empire. The movie was directed by Martin Scorsese and is based on a book that was written by Nicholas Pileggi. Casino drew its inspiration from a true story of an ordinary man who was running four casinos for a bloody mafia. Casino tries to bring into limelight the dark side of Las Vegas which is usually covered up by the glam and glitz that comes with gambling.

  • Casino Royale
  • The popularity of this movie is attributed to the fact that it belongs to the James Bond franchise. It is one of the top casino movies that you should consider watching. James Bond makes a shocking discovery about a financier of a deadly terrorist group who wants to raise finances using poker games. To scuttle this evil financier’s plan, James decides to put high stakes on the Casino Royale table. The movie premiered in 2006 and was starred by Daniel Craig. It is heavily characterized by high-stake gambling which is complemented with spying and romance. The immense success of this movie inspired the creation of Texas Hold’em Poker. If you want to try casino games and poker games, perhaps you should visit https://bonusplayreviews.com/ for more details. The site offers the best casino offers and a huge selection of games!

  • 3. 21
  • The movie tells a story of some MIT students who were trained to be experts in the game of counting cards. After the training, these students invade Casinos in Las Vegas. All of them manage to walk away with millions that they received from the multiple wins. However, their dirty tricks are discovered and this lands them in trouble. The movie features some big names such as Laurence Fishburne, Kevin Spacey among others. After its release, many gamblers were eager to learn the trick of counting cards.

  • The Gambler
  • This is a 2014 movie which tried to reinvent the original version of the film that was released in the 1970s. The story is about a literature professor who is addicted to gambling. After trying out his luck by playing Blackjack in an illegal establishment, the professor finds himself entangled in debts. He owes the owner of the establishment a substantial amount of money. This is quite an entertaining movie as the professor tries to find himself out of this mess.

  • Rounders
  • Rounders tries to give people a glimpse of what happens in the world of poker. It gives a story of a young and ardent gambler who is trying to stop this habit. However, he is forced to go back to the table in order to bail out his friend who is in financial crisis due to the loan that he took from sharks. The movie is starred by the real-life shark: Matt Damon.

    As you can see, casino has been a favored theme for movies in quite a number of years. These are just some of the top movies which utilized the casino theme to the fullest.


    Movies News

    Ocean's 14?

    According to forums and popular entertainment blogs there is a huge push towards George Clooney getting his gang together again for another Ocean's film. The stars are yet to comment on this but it looks like they would have to be careful so as not to take it too far. A trilogy was good but would four be too much? One thing is for sure, after each movie is released there is a definite increase in players at not only the English online casino but also the French casinos en ligne. Apparently the traffic to the French casino en ligne Casino Action doubled after the third film!! I bet they are defintely pushing for one more movie. I wonder if this time they might add a little twist and make the movie about a casino online. I guess we'll have to wait ans see! In the meantime, The Pokies King reviews Captain Cooks Casino in hopes to get featured in one of those big Blockbusters.

    Gold : the Movie

    The movie "Gold" produced by Matthew McConaughey in 2016 is based on a true life experience that happened in 1993 and it revolves around a man, Kenny wells(played by Matthew Mcconaughey) who is having a rough time at having a major break career-wise and financially. After having a dream, he sets off to Indonesia with a geologist called de Guzman to find the hidden treasure of the Indonesian jungle - Gold. After the first attempt to discover the gold proved abortive, their mine workers abandoned them but they convinced them to return. At the second attempt, they discover the gold. The authenticity of the presence of gold was not determined before wall Street poured in billions of dollars into the mine. The stocks of Kenny Wells company increased tremendously but this won't last for a long time. It was finally discovered that there was no gold in the Indonesian jungle, Guzman the geologist who worked with Kenney Wells, was behind this big fraud, he had used a method called salting to create artificial gold. With this discovery wall Street investors and other private investors who were too gullible to check the authenticity of the Gold, lost all that they invested and Kenny Wells was back to square one. His geologist friend who was the mastermind of the big scam got arrested by the Indonesian government but died shortly after falling from a helicopter. If you haven't seen the movie yet, we invite you to make sure you do it as soon as possible! And if like Kenny you want to find Gold, you should consider playing online casinos, check out www.luckycasinocanada.com/ for more details.

    The Beauty of Jurassic World

    25 years after Jurassic Park comes Jurassic World directed by Colin Trevorrow, who also co-wrote this gem. The movie is about the park "Jurassic World", a tourist attraction full of live dinosaurs. However, people got bored with it quickly so Claire (Bryce Dallas Howard) decided to spice things up with the introduction of an Indonimus rex. Unfortunately, it did not take long before things go out of control and the Indonimus rex starts wreaking havoc across the city. Good thing, Owen (Chris Pratt) is here to save the day. Owen is a raptor trainer who has incredible skills to help Claire and her two nephews who are stuck in all the mayhem. Yes, not only is the Indonimus rex loose but the other dinosaurs in the "Jurassic World" park too. This is a very exciting movie with amazing effects. It's always great to see the dinosaurs once again roam the big screen. If you are a Jurassic fan, there is a surprise for you as you can now play with Jurassic World or the oldest version Jurassic Park on slot machines! Many online casinos offer the games, sites such as https://yukongoldcasino.net/ make sure you check it out and start playing!

    Ready Player One

    Ready Player One was released in 2018 and is one of the most loved science fiction movies. It was released on March 29, 2018. The movie was produced basing on the Read Player One novel that was written by Cline in 2011. Among the staring crew is Ben Mendelsohn, Simon Pegg, T.J Miller, Mark Rylance, Tye Sheridan, Lena Waithe and Olivia Cooke. The film has been set to take place in the year 2045 when there have been greater advancements in technology and human beings can now use virtual reality software to run away from the misery of the real world. Sheridon who acts as Watts got to know of a hidden game right in the program that has a lucrative prize to the winner- guaranteed ownership of the Oasis. He teams up with a few friends to try luck before a business tycoon Mendelsohn can do it first. From the entire plot, the film has greater improvements on the main source-the novel.

    Gangster Slot Machine

    Who can forget the enjoyable gangster film Casino? It has to be up there on the all time classic movies. Robert De Niro and Sharon Stone put in some excellent performances at the height of their careers. It's now rumoured that the online casino giant, Casino Action, is planning to release a gangster themed slot machine which should be interesting. The Swedish branch of this brand are expected to get this game first so they will trial it at their online kasino and let us know how it is. It's also reported that the casino Captain Cooks will have the game shortly after. I bet it's fantastic!

    New Star for Transformers III

    The filming of the third instalment of the Transformers franchise has begun for all the cast except one. Megan Fox, who played the character of Mikaela Banes in the first two movies, will not be returning for the third. Instead, Victoria’s Secret model Rosie Huntingdon-Whitely will be taking on the role of the main love interest of the lead character played by Shia LaBeouf.

    The reason for Megan’s departure from the films has not yet been revealed but speculation points to the fact that she reportedly said the director Michael Bay was a “nightmare” to work with last year.

    Casino Royale the best Bond?

    Any Bond movie is highly anticipated and always a huge event. My favourite is Casino Royale which was released in 2006. Daniel Craig is playing 007 for the first time - the 6th Bond in 21 Films. Craig is portraying Bond in a different way with more feeling and heard while playing poker at Casino Royale in Montenegro. He wins the poker game and obviously survives all attacks on his life. I'm very much into poker and like to play in 007 style online but not with my own money. I always use my online casino bonus, just in case I lose like Le Chiffre. Free casino games are much better than the real thing because you can enjoy yourself but you've got nothing to lose!

    Inception in box office top spot

    If you went out to the cinema this weekend, Inception must have been a must on your list of movies to see. Many new movies hit the screen including "Salt" with Angelina Jolie, "Toy Story 3", "Grown Ups" and many more. Critics have praised DiCaprio for another outstanding performance. With the new laws in place people can now bet on the success of movies at their first weekend of release and many casino online are starting to build games around very successful movies taking the themes a bit further. I think many more movie-themed online casinos are waiting for us to be tested and judged. Inception is really this type of movie that just blows you mind, it is similar to playing online games and stikking it! That's at least what players who registered through timetobet say.

    Golden Globe Winners

    With the months passing and the Oscars getting closer, speculations are ripe on who will win. Big in the game at the moment are Black Swan, the Kings Speech and the Social Network. If you are planning on betting which movie will make it, you cannot miss the Golden Globes as they are usually seen as a good sign on who will win the Oscar. With so many options available it is hard to make a decision. Nowadays, one can almost bet on anything not only on casino and sport games, but also on elections, interest rates and box office results. I stick usually with the safer option while playing at an online casino, the other ones are a bit risky in my opinion.

    The Red Carpet

    Who has not dreamed about walking along the red carpet between the celebrities? Well if you always wanted to do this and be at a big celebrity party in Hollywood, than read on. There are ways to get in. Many events are being organized by companies and take not only place in Hollywood. Las Vegas hold red carpet events all the time. If you stay at the right hotel and play at the right casino at the right time you can get in on your red carpet event without much trouble. Before you travel make sure you do a good bit of research and of course pack your best robe!